fredag 27. september 2013

Sweet Baby - Ny kolleksjon fra Pion Design.

Pion Design er igjen klar med en ny og vakker kolleksjon. En aldeles nydelig baby kolleksjon er det denne gangen. Åååååå, som jeg gleder meg til å bruke disse. Her er hva Pion Design skriver om den nye kolleksjonen Sweet Baby:

 There is nothing more heartwarming and enchanting than the arrival of a new family member. When a baby enters your life, he or she has a special way of adding joy to every single day and from the very moment they are born, you wish that every second will be remembered.
To help you celebrate the joy of a baby's arrival Pion Design is releasing the paper collection Sweet Baby, a collection filled with all those elements significant for the magic of a newborn baby girl or boy. Patterns inspired by baby blankets and baskets, delicate flowers and adorable baby images and congratulation cards make this collection the perfect choice for all those crafting occasions with a baby in mind.
Together with a small child every moment counts. We know that babies grow up in an instant, and this paper collection allows you to capture those precious moments before they leave them behind. So welcome to start creating treasured family keepsakes that will recall the beginning of a baby's life in vivid detail!
Sweet Baby consists of 12 double sided papers in the size 12x12”, as well as single sided papers with 6x6” designs, and is ready for immediate shipping.

Om du vil ta en nærmere titt på hvert og ett av disse nye arkene,
 så kan du gjøre det her i Pion Bloggen. Her kommer en liten smakebit.

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